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Smokin' G Brand Pipe Tobacco
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A Different Family of Tobacco Products for Smokers who Don't Want to Settle.
Your Smokin' G™ Brand Pipe Tobacco is Grown,
Blended and Packaged in the USA*.

Experience the "Freedom of Smokin' G".

Our Family Photo
(Top Left to Right):
Smooth Crimson Blend, Smooth Golden Blend, Smooth Platinum Blend, Freedom Püre Blend and Fresh Mint Blend
(Bottom Left to Right):
Turkish Straight Blend, Turkish Mellow Blend, Robust Red Blend, Robust Blue Blend and Robust Copper Blend

Blend Descriptions:

Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Blends are unique in that we offer our discerning smokers the widest variety of smoking preference choices available in the market today by any one Brand. The result? Steadfast loyalty by our smokers!

Here is a brief description of our Blend flavor profiles:

Our Smooth series offer a mellow set of flavors, with the Crimson Blend being the strongest flavor and the Platinum Blend being the mellowest of the three... Golden Blend falls between the two.

Freedom Pure Blend offers smokers an additive-free and very strong flavor profile.

Our Fresh Mint Blend offers a smooth menthol-like flavor.

Our Turkish series are our Turkish-domestic offerings, with Turkish Straight Blend being a full-bodied smoking experience and Turkish Mellow Blend offering a more mellow smoking experience.

Our Robust series offer a similar experience as the Smooth series, but each is a bit stronger; i.e., Red Blend is slightly richer in flavor than Crimson, Blue Blend is a bit richer than Golden and Copper Blend is a bit richer than Platinum.

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* Our Turkish-Domestic Blends include imported Turkish Tobacco
Our products are sold to Adult Smokers by responsible retailers. If you are not 18 years of age, leave these pages now or we will tell your parents.
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