"Tried another bag of your fine product this weekend... Turkish Mellow Blend. As always, the quality and freshness is nothing short of perfection! Glad I've found your products, as I truly believe they are the best on the market, at ANY price point!"
  - Louis

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

Why in the world would you Settle for "it's okay" when you can Smoke "OH WOW!"?

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We have active Retail Stores in most states ... please search Find a Store to buy Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco in your area!  If there's not a store near you, try pestering your local tobacco retailer to bring us aboard! Or, you may cruise on over to our online authorized sales partner HERE.

Why Do Smokers turn Time and Again to Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco?

Are we a little bit proud of Smokin' G? You bet we are! And we'd bet our last ribbon of prime Shag Tobacco that you will be proud to call it YOUR band!

And here's a new one: Smokin' G was Created for smokers BY Smokers. As we've been around the block for more than a few years, we  found out the hard way that most of the tobacco brands on the market are formulated and offered by non-smokers. Crazy, right? How do they hope to know what a smoker really wants? What a smoker really Craves?

As a Family Owned and Operated Company, Smokin' G is Small enough to care, but just big enough to bring you great value and 5-star quality.

A True Family of Tobacco Blends... from our Family to Yours!

All our Best,

Lisa & Don

(You'll find us on the back of every single bag! you can see what we look like and learn more about how we developed Smokin' G HERE)