Your Smooth Blend Family

Our Smooth series offers a mellow set of flavors, with the Crimson Blend being the strongest flavor and the Platinum Blend being the mellowest of the three... Golden Blend falls between the two.

This Smooth Blend Family is a Best-Seller in Markets that sell a lot of Marlboro™ Brands and includes our Two top-sellers: Smooth Golden and Smooth Crimson.

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"Thanks for the great products you make. [Smokin' G] is way better then Golden Harvest, 4 Aces, etc. You're at the top of my list.

Thanks again for helping us get quality products at a great price. You got my business, and hopefully convert my friends to you." -Paul

Here's Just a Small Sampling of what Smokers Just Like You say about each of our Blends:

Smooth Crimson

"Proud to call it my brand.

When I found Smokin' G pipe tobacco, I instantly knew it was going to be my "brand"! Great taste, and unbeatable quality."  –Samuel

Smooth Golden

"Great Product!
I recently purchased some of the Smooth Golden Blend and am very impressed. This is definitely some of the best tobacco I have purchased. Very good quality. I would recommend anyone give this tobacco a try." 
– Matt

Smooth Platinum

"Smoothest Silver Out There!

Being an Ultra Light smoker, I really appreciate how light and smooth this tobacco is. Tried most everything out there, and have finally found my brand of choice."  –NCMtnGirl

Robust Red:

"It is a little stronger than their Crimson. Very few stems… Good moisture… I liked it enough to buy it again. Obviously Smokin G folks know how to cure and ferment their tobacco correctly."  –LP

Robust Blue:

"I really love the taste of this blend and the affordability … I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who wanted a smooth blend!" -Angela

Turkish Straight:

"A GREAT Blend
This blend is a mix of Virginia, Burley & Turkish tobaccos with the Turkish component constituting somewhere in the 10-20% range. (The "green" leaf and the somewhat strange after-taste is due to the Turkish.) For those who are accustomed to strictly Virginia/Burley blends the taste of the Turkish may seem a bit "strange" …  the Turkish has several very positive qualities (IMO): it "smooths out & rounds out" the blend and keeps it from becoming overly strong and harsh. I think that this blend is a good choice for the "mild" smoker looking for a little more flavor without the additional sharpness." -

Turkish Mellow:

"Love it!
Tastes and smokes just like my former favorite brand. Turkish Mellow blend is my new favorite." –


"Outstanding value and satisfying experienceI found this product to be an outstanding value. It has a very cool and refreshing taste and smooth satisfying flavor that reminds me of a mountain spring. As with all the Smokin' G products I have tried I was not disappointed. This product will satisfy the taste of anyone looking for a cool refreshing mint flavor.  -AJ



I now strictly smoke the "Freedom Pure Blend." It's additive free and still packs a good punch. I like a very robust smoke and this certainly does the trick."  –Caelin

Why in the world would you Settle for "it's okay" when you can Smoke "OH WOW!"?

This is the Tobacco Brand that offers our discerning smokers the widest variety of smoking preference choices available in the market today by any one Brand.

We were never very good at following the crowd. Rather than the ho-hum selection of tobacco that is something many are willing to settle for due to a significant savings, we opted instead to bring you what you crave: a Quality Tobacco that actually Satisfies at a great Value!!

Marlboro™ is a registered trademark of Phillip Morris USA Inc. and Pall Mal™  is a registered trademark of RJ Reynolds Company. Smokin' G is a Pipe Tobacco Brand and is not affiliated nor endorsed by these brands.

Your Püre & Mint Blends

Our Freedom Püre Blend offers smokers an additive-free option and very strong flavor profile.

Our Fresh Mint Blend is a smooth smoking experience with a fresh menthol-like flavor.

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Your Turkish Blend Family

As the first brand to offer a Turkish series, you will find that the Smokin' G Turkish-Domestic Blends are sophisticated and richly layered with Turkish Straight Blend being the full-bodied smoking experience of the two while our Turkish Mellow Blend serves up a more mellow smoking experience.

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Your Robust Blend Family

Our Robust series offer a similar experience as the Smooth series, but each is a bit stronger; i.e., Red Blend is slightly richer in flavor than Crimson, Blue Blend is a bit richer than Golden and Copper Blend is a bit richer than Platinum.

This Robust Blend Family is quite popular in areas where more than an average amount of discount manufactured brands such as Pall Mall™ are purchased.

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Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.