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"I first purchased Smokin' G products two years ago… and haven't looked back.

As an adult consumer, I've had the pleasure to purchase and try most of your offerings, and I must say I am truly astounded!!

With EVERY SINGLE bag I've purchased and opened (literally hundreds) I've NEVER been disappointed! Great cut, aroma, flavor and moisture content. My personal favorites are Turkish Straight Blend and Smooth Golden Blend. I really enjoy the fact that, unlike the competition, I know that when I open each bag, I will be greeted with a CONSISTENT, QUALITY product, and at a more than fair price!

I can count on one hand how many reviews I've ever given in my 48 years, but I just had to let you all know that you DONT NEED TO CHANGE A THING!! Others can rely on hype, fancy packaging etc… but your product speaks for itself.

Its simply, IMO, the best on the market.

Made in the USA with US grown tobacco, creating and keeping American jobs... all an added incentive to channel my spending dollars your way!

Keep up the great work!"
  - Louis


"I love this tobacco.

Great flavor. Great value. 5 stars all the way!!"  - Rebecca


"Great product, Great price!!!

This is definitely my favorite brand of tobacco, no funny after taste or smell, great variety of blends… the best I've tried over the last year & I've tried many!!!!"


"Wicked Good!

American grown. Awesome fresh tobacco smell and flavor. Wonderful quality... All of this at great price. Can't beat it!!"


"The Best

Tried all others and by far the best tasting and Quality. Once you use it you won't go back its so good." 


"Great Product!

Like others, I have tried many different tobacco. Nothing even comes close. I have converted 3 other people who are now using Smokin’ G."


"Found my perfect match.

Bought 6 bags when I found out about this tobacco. I would suggest Smokin' G to anyone.... and there's a tobacco for every different kind of person."
  - Caelin


"Second To None!!!

Smokin'g is simply Smoking. These are the best pipe tobacco that I have tried and believe me, I have tried many, many. AAA all the Way!!! The Best!!!
"  -Basil

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

Why in the world would you Settle for "it's okay" when you can Smoke "OH WOW!"?

"Second To None!!!

Smokin' G is simply Smoking. These are the best pipe tobaccos that I have tried and believe me, I have tried many, many. AAA all the Way!!! The Best!!!"  -Basil

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